The Green Standard


Zaeto advance technology uses calcium sulphonate, a natural substance used in lubrication since the Roman era, together with today’s advanced technology. The lubrication formula has been engineered over the years to create a product which is not only better for the environment but doesn’t require the usual thickeners and tackifiers.

Zaeto manufactures the Green Standard of industrial greases, aerosol lubricants and specialty treatments. Our level of quality and performance is unmatched due to our signature proprietary Zaeto advance technology that set our products apart from all other lubricant lines.

Natural Thickener

Zaeto Premium Greases use a natural calcium sulfonate as a thickener. Calcium sulfonate is a form of crushed limestone and has been used for lubrication since historical times. Calcium sulfonate is also naturally tacky, eliminating the need for glues or added tackifiers.

No 313 Toxins or Heavy Metal

Thanks to the Zaeto advance technology active in the calcium sulfonate grease, Zaeto Premium Grease doesn’t need heavy metals in order to perform under extreme pressure, as most other greases do.

Low Water Washout

Even when working partially or fully submerged, Zaeto Premium Greases provide outstanding lubrication. Independent DSTM testing shows that Zaeto #2 Grease has a < 2.75% water washout rate. This greatly minimises unwanted residue.

Extended Greasing Intervals

Zaeto Premium Greases have been seen to extend greasing intervals by up to 70% in certain applications. Because Zaeto Grease resists sloughing, you use less grease, lightening the carbon footprint of your regular maintenance.

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