We know, ‘the mechanical performance improvement is exceptional’, but when a client explains the reliability and fleet readiness as a result of Zaeto products, the hours of benchmarking, demonstration and rigorous testing has been amplified further.

Zaeto is focused on improving the performance of military vehicles, aiming to improve capability, durability and reliability from tracked to tactical wheeled vehicles (TWV) all the way through to amphibious vehicles.

We work with like-minded military vehicle and equipment companies who understand that these tense locations require different prerequisite from standard service vehicles (SSVs), and that the machinery must be beyond reliable. Special Operations Forces (SOF) are trained beyond the norm, and require the same performance from their equipment.


Zaeto understands that weight and effect is continually assessed by the armed forces. Focusing on one such product, Zaeto D-ZEL AID is a highly concentrated product for improving performance of diesel fuels. Given the locations and issues with acquiring and transporting fuel, attaining additional fuel economy reduces the refuelling cost of warfare or humanitarian support vastly. Less than 1ml of Zaeto D-ZEL AID per litre of diesel can improve fuel economy by more than 10% depending on the environmental impact.

In addition to our regional work completing desert trials, we have already completed extensive environmental trials in Arctic conditions, well below freezing. Zaeto cold weather testing proves we also delay diesel fuel gelling, as well as mechanical protection including wear from cold starts. Dosed with Zaeto, your equipment readiness in increased if transporting it to all corners of the globe for active duty, civil use or further testing. Your asset is protected in transport and on arrival for immediate use.


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