The general isolation of mining creates a need for quality products and machinery in an environment that pushes the limits of “what it does vs what it says on the tin”. Our products have always addressed these factors to make sure we stay ahead of your expectations. The effort and technology that is used to create Zaeto’s product range allows you to keep working when others have failed you. We also keep our environmental focus on reducing your mechanical waste and air emissions at the fore.

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This region is fraught with environmental extremes. Surface temperatures on equipment reach well above 60C and overheating of equipment is a constant concern. Whether your maintenance program can’t keep up with reapplication of grease, or your cooling of engine or hydraulic systems force a shutdown on critical equipment, the solution is simple for us. We address these reapplication, abrasion and heat issues allowing you to work through and maintain operations efficiently.

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Heavy Vehicles

Heavy vehicles are continually impacted by the burden of either excavating volumes of payload, carrying it up steep inclines or lifting hefty objects around a work site. The stress on mechanical systems is continuous as the movements are repetitive and the need for power from engines is ongoing. Zaeto products address these issues with solutions. We improve the hydraulic, engine, differential and manual transmission systems, so that the problem is rectified and the efficiency of the machine is improved.

We believe in improving performance, maintenance times and programs, allowing work goals to be enhanced.

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While there are many specific marine products on the market, Zaeto’s Marine application is simple. We have created products which work in this harsh environment as a basic requirement. For internal parts, we protect at the Zaeto standard. For external parts, which are subject to water washout and salinity, Zaeto Marine Grease is rated to these standards. In addition, our blended technology (once at working temperature) binds into the metal surface to increase the protection even further.

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A General once said: ‘the mechanical performance improvement is exceptional, but you protect our people when vehicles are compromised’. There is a different prerequisite on the tense locations. Machinery must be beyond reliable and work past civil needs. Cargo being transported is supporting existence and critical aspects of a Base. The basic load stress on armoured vehicles, due to the protection in which they are wrapped, amplifies the pressures on mechanical parts. In addition, there may be a chance that impaired vehicles need to escape a dangerous area for the preservation of life.

Zaeto protects parts at the micro level.

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We work amongst a spectrum of quality global companies, all of which have similar goals to you: reduce costs, emissions and waste, while maximising time and performance for profit. Time in the field has allowed us to rectify concerns on Euro 3 or 4 vehicles, and to now focus our time and effort on resolving running costs on Euro 5 or 6 vehicles. One area we reduce is the stresses on Emission Control Systems like DPF, EGR, SCR and ‘Blue’. Yes, this includes your fuel waste on ‘REGEN’ occurrences.

Whether you are making steps in weighing up biodiesel blends, we are a step ahead - NOx reduction and performance is still further improved with a simple cost-effective process from Zaeto.

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