Zaeto Premium Greases


Zaeto #2 Grease

Performance Without Compromise

Zaeto is formulated for the high heat applications of the MEA region and is ideal for situations where water washout is important, or where a thicker grease is needed.

While many single purpose greases claim to reach performance standards, Zaeto Grease is the only premium multi-purpose grease formulated with Zaeto advance technology to reach or exceed these tests

  • Extreme Heat – A true dropping point of +300 ?C without added glues. (ASTM D2265)
  • Extreme Pressure – 800 kgf 4 ball weld test, without heavy metals like zinc or molybdenum. (ASTM D-2596)
  • Water Resistance – Marine grade water washout rating, < 2.75%. (ASTM D-1264)
  • Non-Corrosive – 1A rated – highest possible copper strip rating. (ASTM D-4048)
  • Long Lasting – Proprietary formulation prevents grease sloughing.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Outstanding protection without heavy metals or 313 toxins found in other greases.
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Watch Zaeto Grease In Action

High Heat Applications

Some greases and its applications are affected by gyroscopic forces, additional heat and supplementary pressure that can separate and slough off the joints. Zaeto Premium Greas,e with its formulated technology, pulls into the steel during these high heat scenarios and ensures these scenarios are avoided.

Extreme Pressure Applications

Greases can fail when placed under high mechanical loads with increasing pressure gradients. This failure can degrade the grease or change its state, which in turn can increase the wear on parts while appearing to still ‘perform’. Calcium Sulfonate grease is known to operate very well in these situations. Using our specially formulated technology Zaeto Premium Grease ensures that it retains its form, and functions optimally while pulling into the steel to offer further protection.


Zaeto Aero Grease

A Grease Tube In A Can

Sprays like an aerosol grease but sets like Zaeto #2 Premium Grease.

We have termed it “a grease tube in a can”. Use it like an aerosol and watch it set up like Zaeto #2 Premium Grease. Formulated as an advanced multi-purpose calcium sulfonate grease with Zaeto technology, it’s a must have for any tool box, glove box or workshop.

  • Premium Grease – An aerosol grease with extreme pressure, high heat and water washout properties that rival other tube greases.
  • Easy to Use – Sprays up to 1.8m for easy application in hard to reach and dangerous places.
  • Long Lasting – Contains Zaeto’s full formula grease which won’t dissipate or separate.
  • No Heavy Metals – Unique formulation means no zinc, molybdenum or 313 toxins.
  • Resists Elements – Excellent resistance to water, oxidation, and corrosion.
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The Set Test – Lithium Greases Can’t Compare

Unless you’ve used it already, you won’t understand how different Zaeto Aero Grease compares to most aerosol greases. When creating an aerosol version of grease, most are excessively reformulated and dissipate on application. Unlike these Lithium Greases, Zaeto Aero Grease sets up like grease and provides:

  • Spectacular Mechanical Stability
  • High Load Bearing Capacity
  • Excellent Resistance To Water, Oxidation and Corrosion

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