Zaeto Heavy Mech Treatment Line


Zaeto Heavy Mech Engine Treatment

The Green Standard For Heavy Industry

Zaeto Heavy Mech Engine treatment was specifically developed to safeguard heavy diesel engines and machinery. It’s a known fact that damage can be created from initial startup where fluids have drained away from internal mechanisms and with working engines under heavy loads (pressure) from ‘pulling hills’, running high RPMs … all causing increased running temperatures. We have seen improved efficiency and noticeable life of bearings too.

In commercial applications, Zaeto Heavy Mech Engine treatment is proven across the globe to improve performance with just one bottle on all commercial heavy hauler/long haul motors up to 650 horse power (including Cummins, Caterpillar, Detroit, Volvo Mack, etc).

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Protects Your Engine & Reduces Operating Temperatures

Within the region, heat impact is substantial. Zaeto has formulated a treatment with advance technology in an effort to combat high heat conditions and extreme pressure.

  • Increased life of BEARINGS
  • Extended life of ENGINE OIL up to 20%
  • Reduction in HEAT and WEAR under heavy loads
  • Increases EFFICIENCY and Kms/L
  • Reduction in HEAT from high RPM's and excessive idling
  • Eliminates the damaging effects of initial starts
  • Developed initially for diesel engine issues
  • COMPATIBLE with all engine oils, mineral or synthetic
  • Dramatically increases bearing life


Zaeto Heavy Mech Differential Treatment

Our Heavy Mech Differential treatment is specifically designed for heavy-use and industrial differentials from 38,000 to 46,000 lbs weight ratings to inhibit heat production reaching critical levels and to protect the moving parts, even if a seals fail from previous hardship.

Extends Gear And Gearbox Oil Life

Continuous discussions with the industry has led to the only differential treatment formulated with Zaeto advance technology to further protect gears from pitting and scuffing. There are additional secondary benefits like preventing heat-related seal failure and prolonging the life of gearbox oil.

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Premium Protection From Heat And Wear

You will note the following benefits from the unique formulation of Zaeto Heavy Mech Differential treatment:

  • Noticeable results in industrial rear ends from 38,000lbs to 43,000lbs weight rating
  • Usable in both mineral and synthetic differential oils
  • Inhibits heat from reaching critical levels when working the hardest inclines
  • Additional protection for moving parts if there is seal failure
  • Reduction in heat-related seal failures
  • Pitting and scuffing defense for gears

Extremely Concentrated

We know some products are key to businesses and therefore enable you to use a concentrated formula like Heavy Mech Differential treatment with your current product. A single bottle of Zaeto Differential treatment is enough to treat both gear-boxes on a truck. It’s a simple process.

Long Lasting Protection

Include Zaeto Heavy Mech Differential treatment when changing your fluids to protect seals and internals against heat stress and pressure under working conditions.


Zaeto Heavy Mech Manual Transmission Treatment

Works Best Under Pressure

With the varied landscape, Zaeto Manual Transmission Treatment has been proven in the most testing conditions to reduce operating temperatures when machines are constantly shifting under load and running at high RPMs. The protection covers your gear changes whether pulling uphill or gearing downhill - we believe nothing protects your transmission like Zaeto advance technology.

Wherever you are using commercial manual transmissions (9 speed to 18 speed), Zaeto Manual Transmission treatment has been tested in the toughest commercial applications to reduce operating temperatures when needed most:

  • High RPMs
  • Constant Shifting
  • Pulling Uphill
  • Gearing Downhill
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Geared For High Heat & Extreme Pressure

The only treatment formulated with Zaeto advance technology to smooth shifting, reduce gear grinding, lower operating temperatures, & extend part life.

  • Reduces operating temperatures under load
  • Smooths out rough shifting
  • Reduces gear chipping and grinding
  • Extends part life of bearings, gears, counter & through shafts, seals

Long Lasting Performance

We look at the total system. Positive benefits should be compounding. Zaeto Heavy Mech Manual Transmission treatment prevents manual transmission fluid from overheating, especially under heavy load, thus the life of your transmission oil is extended. We recommend treating every time you change the manual transmission oil.

Super Concentrated Formula

The development of Zaeto Heavy Mech Manual Transmission treatment is a concentrated formula that benefits from advanced technology where one bottle is enough to protect commercial manual transmissions that use up to 12 litres of transmission fluid.


Zaeto Heavy Mech Hydraulic Treatment

Keeps Hydraulic Systems Cool

Adding Zaeto Heavy Mech Hydraulic treatment to your system maintenance will dramatically lower temperatures in pumps and prolong the life of your hydraulic oils. Due to the advanced design of this Zaeto product, you’ll add life to your hoses, rams, cylinders and pumps, while enhancing critical lubricity and stability to all types of hydraulic oils.

Our approach at Zaeto is to produce products that perform under the harshest commercial applications. What we have created here with our tried and tested hydraulic treatment, is a solution that increases the lubricity and thermal stability of your hydraulic oil due to advanced technology within. Global testing has proved effective in all heavy-duty hydraulic systems.

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Protection From High Heat & Pressure

You can be assured this is the only hydraulic treatment formulated with Zaeto technology to protect against heat and pressure and will shield by:

  • Dramatically lowering the operating temperatures of your hydraulic pump in the harshest conditions
  • Increasing the life of pumps, hoses, cylinders and rams
  • Adding lubricity and thermal stability to various classes of hydraulic oils
  • Reducing noise and vibration levels in machine operation
  • Inhibiting overheating failure from not disengaging the P.T.O during transit (in side dumps and transport trailer use)
  • Syncing with all tractor fluid systems

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