Zaeto Advanced Lubricants


Zaeto Advanced Lubricant Range

Combines Advanced Technology & Ease Of Use

Years of diverse testing have gone into the Zaeto Advanced Lubricant range and thus offer an innovative application service. We are reminded from daily use, what we see as further testing, in heavy industry that Zaeto Advanced Lubricants combat the major concerns by exceeding in every category.

You’ll find Zaeto Advanced Lubricants in the harshest situations and locations across the world performing in mining, oil & gas, agriculture, excavation sectors and more.

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Zaeto Aero Lubricant

Aerosol Lubricant - One Can Replaces Them All

Zaeto Aero Lubricant is different to your other cans in that while it can free up and lubricate stuck parts, it will also loosen seized parts all without corroding the metal surface. Zaeto advance technology means you will also need less; a single can lasts up to 10 times longer than your typical pen lubes, chain lubes and water dispersers.

A key factor of Zaeto Aero Lubricant is its concentrated formula, so you need less in comparison to similar products. It also activates with heat to help release and lubricate rusted and stuck parts without corroding or wearing.

Zaeto Aero Lubricant can replace most spray lubricants, including:

  • Penetrant Lubricants
  • Chain and Cable Lubes
  • Silicone Sprays
  • Lubricating Oils
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Does The Hard Work For You

Standing apart from other ‘pen lubes’ and already tested for effectiveness, Zaeto Aero Lubricant is simple in application and used by leading companies across the world. Companies who are involved in logistics, from marine and road, mining and agriculture, oil and gas, manufacturing and heavy mechanical work to basic bicycle repair all hold a can of Zaeto Aero Lubricant to:

  • Lubricate all metal-on-metal surfaces
  • Loosens frozen and rusted parts
  • reduce squealing and screeching
  • while being Odourless and non acidic
  • Applying smoothly with no mess
  • Leaving behind a protective layer of lubricant
  • Clinging to cables, chains and sprockets
  • And protecting against moisture and rust

Non-Corrosive Heat-Activation Technology

Zaeto Aero Lubricant is the only All Purpose Lubricant with Zaeto formulated technology that stands apart from other aerosol lubricants where there is a tendency to turn acidic and affect metal surfaces. Our lubricant reacts to heat by penetrating the metal surface and lubricating from the inside out.

Super Concentrated, Long-Lasting Formula

Zaeto Aero Lubricant relies on heat to activate the specialised technology rather than corrosion as with most aerosolised lubricants, to liberate your parts. It takes less product to get the job done.

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