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Zaeto Products are the heavy industry's #1 choice, offering various delivery systems for specialty Premium Greases that are formulated for the region's extreme heat and pressure conditions - all without becoming corrosive. Zaeto Heavy Mech Treatments enable OEMs and Owner-Operators alike to reduce downtime and maximise the lifespan of the part.

Our industry endures constant reapplication and over-application to loosen parts or maintain lubricity of working parts. While some reapplication is needed, wastefulness only adds unnecessary operating costs. This is where an adaptable resource like Zaeto Advanced Lubricants allows workshops to perform better.

Maximum Performance

The Zaeto product range specialises in working to the extreme ends of the spectrum by maintaining lower operating temperatures, improving pressure tolerances, amplifying the life of quality parts, and exceeding regulatory emissions - including NOx and Soot - in the world’s most advanced machinery.

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Zaeto Premium Greases

Multipurpose greases should continuously protect and perform in any climate whether defending against pressure, heat and wear in the largest machinery with the smallest of parts. They should also protect against outside forces like corrosion. Zaeto Premium Greases aim to extend greasing intervals, use less grease, while still providing better protection for your equipment.

Zaeto Premium Greases are multipurpose greases. They stand outside the typical sphere of such products as they contain no heavy metals, zinc, molybdenum, or 313 toxins. Yet they meet or exceed ASTM operating specs normally found in single-use specialty greases.

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Zaeto D-ZEL Aid

Zaeto D-ZEL AID offers a specialist solution for domestic or military, construction, agriculture, marine and transportation / haulage application.

We understand that while fuel can be produced to the best standards once it is 'in country' environmental factors such as location, storage, transport and age can effect fuel quality dramatically. So what can you do to protect you and your company’s equipment further? Zaeto D-ZEL AID assists in protecting parts while while improving performance with a super-concentrated dose.

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Zaeto Heavy Mech Treatment Line

Zaeto Heavy Mech Treatments products offer premium solutions for all mechanical applications. Advanced enough to deal with military requirements beyond the intended use, Zaeto products are able to shield civil needs in construction, waste, agriculture, marine, racing and transportation.

The Zaeto Heavy Mech Line offers premium protection with a treatment package that results in lower operating temperatures, improved life of oils and fluids, all while attaining better performance and lifespan of the part.

The Zaeto Heavy Mech line protects from the micro level, top to bottom, front to back.

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Zaeto Advanced Lubricants

Years of diverse testing have gone into the Zaeto Advanced Lubricant range and thus offer an innovative application service. We are reminded from daily use, what we see as further testing, in heavy industry that Zaeto Advanced Lubricants combat the major concerns by exceeding in every category.

You’ll find Zaeto Advanced Lubricants in the harshest situations and locations across the world performing in mining, oil & gas, agriculture, excavation sectors and more.

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Zaeto Auto

Due to popular demand from the market, we are developing a product range called Zaeto Auto. This will be engineered with Zaeto advance technology to meet the needs of the general automotive market including high performance cars, 4x4s and other premium vehicles.

We will share further details as soon as these new products are available.

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