Salt Mining & Excessive Abrasion, Salinity Success Study

The Goals
  • Reduce Corrosion/Rust
  • Increase Life of Parts
  • Reduce Maintenance Times
  • Reduce Maintenance/Replacement Costs
The Approach
  • Side by Side trial on ‘Sister’ Loaders
  • Application of EP 2 Premium Grease to Kingpins
  • Application of Aero Lubricant to pistons
The Results
  • Loader WITHOUT Zaeto products was decommissioned after 4 months
  • Loader WITH Zaeto still Fully Operational
  • Greasing times decrease by a third
  • No Sloughing of Zaeto Grease
  • Focus on annual labour savings AED55,000
  • Kingpin saving AED33,000
  • Replacement of Loader not using Zaeto after 4 months

Excessively harsh conditions where a “Side by Side” Grease Test on “Sister” Loaders was carried out within The Great Salt Lake area in Utah. These conditions included the combination of hyper-salinity (salt), sand (abrasion), moisture and extreme temperatures with two front end loaders. Used to shovel (collect) and transport dried salt and sand mixture onwards for processing.

Natural challenges can impact machines generally, but here maintenance teams struggled to keep equipment in the field due to the high salt content of the water causing corrosion. The high winds increased the impact of dust to foul equipment. The extreme high and low temperatures fatigued parts with expansion/contraction issues.

The Loaders were divided by the different grease used. The 1st was a leading brand red lithium EP tacky grease and the 2nd was Zaeto EP 2 Premium Grease.

The Trial was completed after 4 Months when the baseline loader went out of service. The bucket kingpin seized from excessive rust due to grease sloughing around the joints. Assessment of the second Loader with Zaeto EP 2 Premium Grease found it was fully operational. Through the trial it was noted greasing intervals were extended from daily to every 3 days as no sloughing had occurred.

There was a substantial financial saving on annual labour, AED 55,000 while the kingpin replacement cost was AED 33,000. The replacement cost for a new Loader after 4 months was excessive.

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