Pump Jacks & Efficiency Success Study

The Goals
  • Reduce Energy Costs
  • Reduce Wear
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Reduce Operating Temperatures
The Approach
  • Apply Heavy Mech Differential Treatment into Gear Box
  • Apply Premium Grease to required parts
The Results
  • Reduction in Operating Temperature by 30%
  • Increase in Plunger stroke length of 2.98%
  • Maximum Operating Temperatures measured only to 65°C
  • Huge reduction in drag due to reduced internal gear box friction

At the completion of an independent field test by one of the largest oil and gas companies in Utah it was found that the addition of Zaeto Heavy Mech Differential Treatment to their oil in the gearboxes, enabled them to severely reduce the energy cost to run the pump jacks by as much as 30%.

The unique technology incorporated into Zaeto Heavy Mech Differential Treatment enables it to penetrate 3-5 microns into the metal and add density to the metal, thereby decreasing friction. Reducing friction in turn reduces drag on the wirelines as well as heat.

This test was conducted over 21 days, including the use of a Dynamometer to measure Torque and Power. With the exceptional findings, the company estimated that the increase in efficiency, after only 3 weeks, was enough to offset the costs of operating the pump jack by almost one third.

The Results
  • 30% Reduction in Operating Temperatures
  • 2.98% Increase in Plunger Stroke Length
  • Operating temperatures only reached 62 degrees Celcius
  • Substantially reduced drag and friction in the gear boxes

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