Mining & Drilling Success Study

The Goals
  • Reduce Operating Temperatures
  • Reduce Downtime
  • Improve Production
The Approach
  • Replace current Grease with Zaeto EP 2 Premium Grease
  • Introduce additional Zaeto Treatments to further benefit production
The Results
  • Rigs started running cooler
  • By 6th hole, machine running at 62°C
  • 30% drop in operating temperature, allowing the rig to run continuously
  • Eliminating loss of production and downtime
30% Drop in Operating Temps

Reduce shutdown occurrences due to overheating. Long-hole drilling rigs would generally operate around 90°C, but would shut down at 99°C. These shutdowns because of excessive heat would cause machines to halt operation for 25-45 minutes while machines returned to safe operating parameters. Lost production time would accrue as this was repeated many times per day.

The EP grease was swapped to Zaeto EP 2 Premium Grease to assess if Zaeto advanced technology would reduce the standard operating temperatures under continuous drilling.

The final outcome found that the Rigs were able to run continuously, showing an overall drop in temperature by 30%, eliminating the need to shut down and have forced downtime so machines could return to safe operating temperatures. Machines where still running at 62°C by the 6th drill hole.

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