Asphalt & Excessive Heat Success Study

The Goals
  • Reduce Maintenance of Lifter Bearing
  • Reduce Recurring Replacement of Auger Bearings
  • Reduce Greasing Times
  • Reduce Downtime
  • Improved Timelines
The Approach
  • Replace current EP Grease with Zaeto EP 2 Premium Grease
The Results
  • 70% less Grease used
  • Sloughing ceased
  • Bearings lasted 21 times longer
  • Cost saving of over AED45,000 for Bearings alone
  • Reduced Maintenance times
Extended Bearing Life & Prolonged Grease Use

The extreme pressure and heat which Asphalt Pavers operate under can lead to many issues including sloughing, excessive downtown from re-greasing and part replacements. Therefore, increased hours in additional manpower, cost of goods and delays in completion. The trial focus was on protecting lifter bearings on the hopper that are affected by the heat from the asphalt mix, which causes most greases to slough and separate.

The challenge was to retard the Asphalt Paver Lifter Bearing wear. Most of this wear was from grease not staying in place and protecting the bearing. The excessive greasing times and volumes was part of the high maintenance costs. The auger bearings had to be replaced every week.

The company started using Zaeto premium grease, with checks every week of the bearings, for replacement assessment, it would be stay in place and be returned to the field.

At the end of the first week, the bearings were checked. Still being operational, it was returning to work without replacement. Checks continued for 4 months before it was decided to replace the part.

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