Case Studies

Pump Jacks & Efficiency Success Study

At the completion of an independent field test by one of the largest oil and gas..

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Salt Mining & Excessive Abrasion, Salinity Success Study

Excessively harsh conditions where a “Side by Side” Grease Test on “Sister..

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Asphalt & Excessive Heat Success Study

The extreme pressure and heat which Asphalt Pavers operate under can lead to man..

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Mining & Drilling Success Study

Reduce shutdown occurrences due to overheating. Long-hole drilling rigs would ge..

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Decades old Lubrication Success Study

A world-renowned manufacturer of heavy industrial equipment producers Tyre Handl..

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Slinging issue while Drilling Success Study

Both the combination of location (desert) and operation of this drill made this ..

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Windrower Success Study

This Windrower (Swather) trial occurred from the continuous failures due to the ..

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Fuel Savings on Leyland Transport Bus

Trials were conducted dosing two Leyland Diesel Buses with Engine Treatment and ..

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Improved Fuel Economy in Small Vehicle

As vehicles age they can have drop in power, fuel economy and general running, '..

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