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Our Company

Launched in July 2017, Zaeto MEA has been established to offer quality lubrication products that have been engineered to suit the extreme conditions and temperatures of the MEA region.

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, Zaeto MEA offers specialist solutions to tackle the harshest of industry conditions, excelling in performance and efficiency where other products fail.

Zaeto – a singular symbol of performance in a sea of ‘me-too’ products. Zaeto is the Green Standard representing excellence in heavy industry technologies.

Our Story

Zaeto was created for the MEA region to protect and preserve the equipment used for applications in construction, marine, transport/logistics and military. From the success seen in other countries around improved fuel economy, life of parts, asset protection as well as a developing focus on reducing waste and harmful emissions, the goal to launch in preparations for the Year of Zayed was achieved. 

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We believe in protecting and improving the performance of an asset, to achieve a team’s goals, while safeguarding environment.


Protecting today for a greener tomorrow.


To enable local and global industrial-sector companies improve its performance through better protecting parts, increasing fuel economy, and reducing its overall carbon footprint in the form of harmful gas emissions and waste.

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